Adult Halloween Games - Halloween Fun with an Adult Twist

Adult Halloween Games

These spooky adult Halloween games will have your guests on the edge of their seat and looking over their shoulder all evening. All in good fun, of course!

No matter if you're a kid or an adult,
Halloween will always have a certain appeal.

It's a life-long tradition that has so many mysterious elements and symbols.

Ghost stories and legends from Gothic literature, horror movies and, of course, Halloween costumes of witches, monsters, vampires and skeletons.

Sexy Halloween Witch

Halloween Pumpkin

It's exciting, scary and toys with your senses. It's one night you enjoy giving in to the power of Darkness and Evil and have fun with it too!

Halloween Pumpkin

Are you throwing a Halloween costume party, going trick-or-treating or having some friends over for a horror movie night?

To help your guests get into the Halloween spirit, add some really spooky games to have everyone nice and scared (well ... in a fun way, of course).


Apple Bobbing - The original and still the best game for Halloween Party with the twist.

Black Magic - In this game you need to answer the questions as quickly as possible without using any of the "Black Magic" words.

Execution - See if your quick reaction helps you stay alive!

Haunted House - A spooky game with ghosts haunting your house.

Light and Shade - In this game the players need to recognize the shadow behind the curtain.

More games coming soon .............

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