Adult Birthday Party Games - Birthday Party Fun with Adult Flavour


Adult birthday party games will make you feel like a kid again. Even if it's just for a few hours.

With few exceptions, most people consider their childhood the happiest time of their lives.

Having no responsibilities. Being so carefree, innocent and happy. Having your parents take care of you. Being the focus of everybody's attention.

Don't you just miss those wonderful days?

Of course back in those days, all you wanted was to become a grown up as soon as possible, so you can stay up late and watch movies that you wanted to watch and go places you wanted to go without asking for permission.

Party Guests

Was being a grown up over-rated or what? It probably was, but such as life.

Birthday Boy

Being a Birthday boy or girl is one of the very few occasions we get to feel like kids again.

Party Favors

Get birthday gifts, be the center of everybody's attention.

Have a Birthday party and a house packed with family and friends.

And of course a Birthday Party is NOT a Birthday Party without fun and entertaining party games to add even more excitement to the festivities.

Birthday Boy with Gifts

Party Favors

Adults like playing games just as much as children do. We just never have time for it!

So, add a few funny and entertaining games to your party to make everyone have a blast and feel like a kid again!


Broom Dance - In this funny and entertaining party mixer you need to be very quick choosing a dance partner or you'll end up dancing with the broom!

Matchboxing - Pass a matchbox to the next player in line using your nose.

More games coming soon .........

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