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Guess who this is

One of the best party games I have ever played was at an anniversary party. All of the guest were asked to bring a photo of themselves as a baby. The

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Contribute to Party Games

Would you like to share your knowledge about party games? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Free Children Party Games

Musical Chairs is one of the best and most popular free children party games ! Lots of giggles and fun guaranteed !

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Halloween Games for Adults

Haunted House is one of the best halloween games for adults. It's a spooky game with ghosts haunting your house.

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Halloween Party Game Ideas

For some great Halloween party game ideas, try Light and Shade - the game where players need to recognize the shadow behind the curtain.

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Fun Party Games for Boys

For some fast and exciting party games for boys play Hot Potato. This is a great party favorite in which you need to pass the potato to the next player as quickly as possible or you're out of the game

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Bachelorette Games

For some true party fun, play Pickle Race, one of the must-do bachelorette games at any party ! In this game players need to eat the pickle that's hanging on the string without using their hands.

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Teenage Girl Party Games

For some entertaining teenage girl party games, play Sitcom Challenge, an easy-to-play and fun party game that will test your guests' knowledge of popular culture.

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Great Party Games for Teenagers

Up Jenkins is one of the great party games for teenagers. In this game you need to figure out which player is holding the coin.

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Birthday Party Games for Adults

Looking for some fun birthday party games for adults? Try Matchboxing where one player needs to pass a matchbox to the next player in line using his or her nose !

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Teenagers Party Games

For some fun teenagers party games full of laughter and energy, try William Tell Race. In this game players compete balancing an apple of top of their heads.

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Bridal Shower Games to Play

Make sure you include Cooking Up Dinner in your bridal shower games to play. Who knew that a take-out dinner can be this much fun ?

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Childrens Party Game Ideas

Need some great childrens party game ideas? Play Pass The Portrait where each player needs to complete his own portion of a portrait and see the funny results.

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Great Free Party Games

For some great free party games, play the all-time favorite party-pleaser, the Charades ! This game guarantees to bring lots of fun and laughter to your party !

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Free Birthday Party Games for Kids

Looking for some free birthday party games for kids? The Dancer is just the right game ! This game will give kids a chance to move around and have lots of fun !

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