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Party Planner Guide:

Plan a Party with Unique Themes

Choosing a theme for the party you are cooking up can be really fun and full of anticipation. For mothers and children preparing a birthday party can be a point of bonding for them.

Going through the details like the decorations, tables and chairs, foods, games and crafts for giveaways and the cleaning can be a memorable experience for both mom and the child.

Themes give the party a touch of imagination and creativity. These themes may come from your child’s favorite cartoon program or character, color, thing, activity, movie, storybook and others.

You can come up with unique party theme ideas for various ages and celebrations. For anniversaries, unique themes are:

• Bed and Breakfast Party Theme
• Sex and the City Party Theme
• Something’s Fishy Party Theme
• Psychedelic Sixties Party Theme
• It Happened One Night Party Theme

An example of a truly unique 10th year anniversary theme is the Sex and the City. A very romantic, sweet and exciting anniversary theme that involves limousine, champagne, sexy, black cocktail dress, dinner for two in a cozy restaurant, a stroll in the hustle and bustle of the city and a romantic making love mood to capture the night.

Rare themes for birthday parties of various age levels are as follows:

• Greek Mythology Party Theme
• Underwater Party Theme
• Countries and Cultures Party Theme
• The Beatles Party Theme
• Solve A Mystery Party Theme

Underwater Party themes are good for cute little girls of ages two to four. Moms would enjoy designing the invitation in a little bottle with the paper inside and all the shells and sand.

The decorations are crepe papers in aquamarine colors, green, purple and blue. Painted marine animals are stuck up on the wall, ocean-colored bulbs illuminate the house to give a really underwater feel, sands are collected and displayed in areas of the house.

Fishes and mermaids are hung on the ceiling by fishing lines and a jukebox playing little girl’s favorite songs.

Games are treasure hunting and giveaways are fake pearls and beads and shiny stuff. Body painting of marine animals is done by a make up artist. Kids and mom will love it. Foods are fish and chips with blue Kool Aid juice.

Organizing themed-parties is not an easy task but an enjoyable one. Success of it lies in the consistency, coherence of elements and factors arranged by the facilitator and organizer.

Themes also bring content and life to the party. This is your focal point before you can decide to start planning.

So party people, be as unique and creative as you can be. You do not want to be branded as a copycat, do you!


Fun Party Games:

Looking for Party Game Ideas?


This game is an excellent test of memory where you need to watch the cards as closely as possible to be able to draw two of a kind.

You Will Need : - Any number of players - A pack of playing cards

How To Play :
The cards are shuffled and placed on the table face down.

Each player in turn selects two cards and turns them upwards. The aim is to find two of a kind (threes, jacks, nines, aces etc.) and when that happens, those two cards are removed from the table and placed next to the successful player who then has another turn.

That player's turn continues until he or she fails to produce a match, at which point, the cards are put back face down in the same positions.

Who Wins :
The winner is the player with most pairs when all 52 cards have been claimed.

Sounds Sexy

In this game you need to think of as many sexy words as possible, each beginning with the last letter of the previous word.

You Will Need : - Any number of players

How To Play :
The players sit in a circle and play proceeds in a clockwise direction. The challenge here is to think of as many sexy words as possible, each beginning with the last letter of the previous player's word.

Any player unable to think of a word, or whose word is not deemed sufficiently sexy by the rest of the party, has to perform a suitable forfeit decided upon by the others.

In this game you need to be able to pick up a piece of tissue and pass it on to your team mate using the straw.

You Will Need : - Any even number of players - A straw for each player - A few pieces of thin tissue, such as Kleenex

How To Play :
The players divide in two or more teams. Each player is given a straw. The leader of each team is also given a small piece of Kleenex or other tissue.

By drawing in on his or her breath, the leader holds the tissue on the end of the straw and passes it on to the next teammate.

The goal is to pass it to each member of the team without dropping. If the tissue is dropped, it must be picked up the same way, by drawing breath through the straw.

Who Wins :
The team that finishes first wins.

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Editor’s notes:

I hope that you and your loved ones are having a sensational time, and enjoying hosting parties and celebrations at every possible chance you get.

Now for some of my terribly sophisticated humour – lol!

A blonde female Police Officer pulled over a blonde woman for speeding. The blonde cop approached the car and asked the blonde for her driver's license.

The blonde driver asked, "What does a driver's license look like?" as she searched through her purse.

The blonde cop said, "It's a little thing with your picture on it." The driver pulled out her powder compact, opened it, looked in the mirror and handed it to the officer.

The blonde cop looked in the mirror, handed it back to the blonde and said, "If you'd told me you were a police officer, we could have avoided all this."

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