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Lucky you! This month we have two free ebook downloads to help you plan a wonder-filled Bridal Shower, and then planning ahead, the second book will help you to plan some great activities for the guests at the Wedding Reception including some great games – ENJOY!

Party Planner Guide:

Tips And Ideas For A Perfect Bridal Shower

Hosting a bridal shower presents a lot of challenges among concerned parties. It used to be a popular custom that someone who’s neither a relative nor a friend of the bride should host a shower party for the bride.

Today, this outdated tradition is no longer being practiced and anyone who’s all-concerned about the bride’s happiness will go far beyond the party hopping activity and give the best time of her days before the actual date sets in.

If you are a relative or a friend who has taken the task of organizing and preparing all the details regarding this exciting activity, there are few tips and recommendations that you may want to consider in order to ensure a perfect bridal shower party get-away.

Consider the Bride’s Schedule

Getting married entails a lot of paperwork and stuff that couples will need to attend to in order to ensure that the actual day of the wedding gets through its course smoothly.

While setting up the occasion is something that the bride should appreciate, it is advised that the bride’s busy schedule should be considered so that it would not interfere with her far more important business.

Bridal shower parties would be fun if the bride is free from worries and that all other important needs in the actual wedding were already put in place. Try planning on a time which you and the bride have agreed upon.

Themes and Ideas

Bridal shower parties are not as sensual and as disorderly as a male’s stag party. You may invite a few closest friends and relatives who are delighted to spend an evening with you in a house that will be more convenient for everybody.

As much as possible, inform the entire guests about the theme of your bridal shower so they can dress up appropriately and according to the norms of the bride.

Party Favors

Gifts are also wonderful gimmicks when holding a bridal shower. Among the most popular are the following:

Ø Self-crafted food items – Food items such as cookies with special toppings and flavors and theme are among the popular give-aways. This may require you a lot of time but is worth it when you get positive comments from the guests.

Ø Candle Favors – Candles are great memoirs of a party. Elegantly crafted scented ones are popular these days. Most manufacturers and candle shops offer customization on candles according to your own likes and selected theme.

Fun Party Games:

Bridal Shower Games

If you're hosting a bridal shower, there are literally hundreds of games to choose from. Some are silly, some are serious, but all are about having some fun with the bride before she's married. Here's a sampling.

One fun game really puts the bride on the spot with regard to her knowledge of her husband-to-be's life. Prior to the party, have someone ask the groom a series of questions, such as where he was born, what his favorite food is, things like that.

Then at the bridal shower, put the bride on the spot by asking her the answers to the questions. See how many she can get right (hopefully at least half!). If she does well, give the girl a prize; she deserves one.

One all-time favorite game is toilet paper wedding dresses. This game involves separating the guests into teams consisting of at least 2 people and no more than 5.

Give each team a roll or toilet paper (or 2) and have them fashion a wedding dress out of the toilet paper. One of the team members will volunteer as the model. Provide them with a "dress up trunk" filled with jewelry and shoes.

They must make the dress out of the toilet paper, but they can accessorize with the provided jewelry, shoes, gloves and hats. Place a time limit on this (5 minutes is adequate) and have the bride vote on the best dress. Be sure to provide prizes for the winning team!

Another fun game that's always a hit is making the bride get dressed while blindfolded. Tell the bride she is to pretend she's on her honeymoon and the power has gone off.

She must prepare for her wedding night in complete darkness. Provide her with a suitcase filled with items and then blindfold her. She must get dressed in a certain period of time (2 minutes is adequate) while completely blindfolded and with no help from the guests.

Include some silly items like oversized sunglasses, garden gloves or a flannel nightgown just to make it fun. This is a photo opportunity, so be sure someone is waiting to record the end result!

Another fun game puts the shower guests more on the sport than the bride. In this game, everyone puts their purses in the center of the room. Create a list of items commonly found in a purse and assign a point value and create a list of less common items and give them a higher point value.

So you might give lipstick 2 points, a tampon 3 points, and sunglasses 5 points. But a granola bar could be 10 points and a staple remover, 15 points.

Then go through the purses awarding points and give the person with the highest number of points (and therefore, the most items and probably highest number of unusual items) a prize.

Before the shower, create bingo cards for this shower bingo game. In the squares, put pictures of items you think the bride will receive at the shower. So, boxes might include things like lingerie, towels and the like.

As the bride opens gifts, have people mark off that item on their bingo card. If nobody gets a "bingo" give a prize to the person who marked off the most number of items.

This next game is a derivation of a popular game that's often played at bachelorette parties and involves a stripper. This is the clean version.

About 30 minutes into the party, have the bride leave the room and pass out pieces of paper. Have everyone write on the paper everything they can remember about the bride's outfit, hair, etc.

How many rings is she wearing? What color is her blouse? Is she wearing open or closed toed shoes?

Once everyone is done recording their observations, the bride comes back into the room and a prize is awarded to the person with the best observation skills.

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Editor’s notes:

I hope that you and your loved ones have a fun bridal shower and sensational wedding and reception, and with your help they are sure to!

Now for some of my terribly sophisticated humour – lol!

In the beginning, God created the earth and rested.

Then God created Man and rested.

Then God created Woman.

Since then, neither God nor Man has rested.

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