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I hope you have had a ton of great parties to attend so far this year, and that some of them were hosted by you and were a great success.

This month we cover some children’s party ideas, and our free ebook download is all about hosting a Swimming Pool Party – ENJOY!

Party Planner Guide:

Children's Party Planning Tips

To a child who's about to have a party, there's nothing more important than this event! This could potentially be the highlight of his or her year!

So moms and dads better get this right, so there won't be any tears afterwards from you or from your child!

Planning a party for children can sometimes be a big headache if you're not up to the task. That is why you need to have a game plan before going into battle!

The first thing you need to do is ask the child what kind of party he or she wants to have. The average children's party contains some sort of a theme.

Once a child has expressed a theme or an idea about what kind of party that child wants to have, all you have to do is to follow up on this idea.

There are things that have to be included in a party at all costs! The fun and the merriment of the children depend on it! One of them is games. This is quintessential. What's a children's party without games?

Hearken back to your childhood, and try to remember all the party games you ever played as a child. If you can't remember this far back, you can always ask your friend who's got children to help you come up and organize these wonderful parlor games.

Make sure you add decorations to your list of things to purchase for the party. Balloons, streamers, party hats, all help ensure that the party you are throwing becomes a fun and festive occasion.

While you are making a list, don't forget to include the entertainment. Kids love clowns, no not you, you silly goose, but a professional clown who can make animal shapes out of a balloon.

If you can't find a clown, a magician will do. This will give the children something to talk about with their friends the next day when they go to school.

Also, make sure that the food you serve is something that children will love. Reserve the onions and liver recipe for another day and bring in the hotdogs and ice cream!

Lastly, make sure that each and every child has a parting gift that they can take home with them. A lot of party stores carry goody bags that you can fill with special treats and toys.

By following these quick and easy tips, you will now be able to throw the children's party of the century. Your child is going to love you; what's more you're going to love yourself for this triumph!


Fun Party Games:

Kiddie Games for Kiddie Fun!

What can be more enjoyable than a kiddie party? All those fun foods, party hats and mascots that make children's parties so much fun!

But the fun aggrandizes the moment everyone starts with the games!

What are the best games for these cute kiddie parties? Read up and get some ideas so the next time you throw a party for your five-year-old, it will be a blast!

1. Limbo.
An upbeat music, a limbo stick and the kids just go together. The limbo master must keep his body from sticking to the stick while he is limbo-ing.

2. Balloon Target
This is fun because upon blowing up a balloon, the kid allows it to deflate and hit a target!

3. Blind Cow
This is like a guessing game wherein within a circle, the kids listen to a bell and find out where it is.

4. Charades
Let the kids act out the names of cartoon characters, persons or animals and make sure they don't talk!

5. Copycat
This is one silly game as the children simply copy each other's movements.

6. Creepy Crawlies
This is another guessing game in which a kid acts out a kind of insect and everyone guesses what insect it is.

7. Dress Up Relay
This is a relay race where the kids get to dress up in hilarious clothes and race against each other to the finish line.

8. Freeze Tag
This is a game of tag when the kid does not move or is "frozen" in his place.

9. Ha Ha Ha
The rule of this game is simple: laugh until everyone does!

10. Heads Up Seven Up
This is a guessing game intended for huge groups of kids.

11. Hide and Seek
Who does not know how to play this game? Kids love hiding and having someone seek for them!

12. I Love
This game solicits "aww" because the kids are asked to think of all the things they love.

13. Kick The Can
This game is a fusion of hide-and-seek and tag.

14. Mother May I
This is the game for kids where they ask their "mother" to take funny steps before they get tagged.

15. Pinata Party
Every kid loves a pinata party! They just have to break the pinata open to get all those candies inside.

16. Sock Mania
This is where kids put as many socks as possible on one foot. Make sure every kid plays these games and the party will surely get a hundred times better and crazier!

REMEMBER: We have hundreds of fun party games for you – all for free! – so drop in and see what party games would be ideal for your event: Fun Party Games A to Z


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Editor’s notes:

I hope that you and your loved ones are having a sensational time, and enjoying hosting parties and celebrations at every possible chance you get.

Now for some of my terribly sophisticated humour – lol!

A Grandmother was standing on a lovely beach with her baby grandson. Both were enjoying the seaside.

Suddenly a massive wave swept the little boy from her arms and carried him out to sea. Beside herself, the grandmother fell to her knees, beseeching God to save her beloved grandson and, if necessary to take her life instead.

In the middle of her desperate prayer, another wave crashed in, depositing the baby back in her arms, soaking wet, but otherwise unharmed.

She looked at her grandson, then back up to the heavens and said quietly, "He had a hat..."

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