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Looking for some fun 50th birthday party ideas? Add a couple of these great party games to your special occasion and ensure your guests don't have a single dull moment.


You can be anyone you want, as long as you're not Botticelli.

You Will Need :
- Any number of players

How To Play :

A player is selected to be "It". "It" will say "I'm a person whose last name begins with "D", if he's thinking of Alexandre Dumas.

Then the other players have a chance to ask him questions about "D's" work in order to discover his identity.

For instance, a player might ask "Are you a composer?". "It's" answer should be "No, I'm not Dvorak". Or "Are you a painter ?" to which the answer is "No, I'm not Degas".

If someone asks: "Are you a hockey player?" and "It" can not answer with the name of a hockey player beginning with "D", then the player who stumped him has the right to ask a more specific question. He might ask "Are you living ?" or "Are you French ?" to which "It" must answer "yes" or "no" truthfully.

The game continues until someone guesses that "D" stands for "Dumas". The guesser then becomes "It" for a round and offers another mystery letter - anything but "B" for "Botticelli".

Compound Words

Win the game by coming up with as many compound words as you can!

You Will Need :
- Any number of players

How To Play :

The game starts by the first player who calls out a two-word compound, such as "manpower", and succeeding players have to think up a corresponding compound in such a way, that the first half of the new word is the same as the second part of the previous one.

So, "manpower" could be followed by "powerhouse", "housework", "workday", "daylight", "lighthouse", "housecoat", "coatroom" and so on.

Anyone unable to find a continuation may claim that none is possible. If the claim is upheld, the previous player (the one who supplied the word) is eliminated and the challenger starts a new round. If, however, someone does think of a valid word, the challenger has to drop out.

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