40th Birthday Party Games

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These specially selected fun 40th birthday party games will be a great addition to your party, helping everyone have a great time.


Taboo is one of the all-time favorite party games that will guarantee lots of fun time!

You Will Need :
- Any number of players

Party Guest

How To Play :

Pick a letter from the alphabet and declare that nobody is allowed to use a word containing that letter. Then ask each player in turn a question, cunningly designed to catch them out.

If the forbidden letter is "P", you might choose to ask: "What is the capital of France". Unable to say "Paris" because is contains letter "P", a quick-thinking player may replay "The city where The Sacre-Coeur Basilica
is located".

As the questioning becomes more intense, any player who slips up and uses the taboo letter is eliminated.

The last player left answering questions is the winner!


Another fun 40th birthday party game! In this game you need to find a person who's holding a card with the second part of your simile.
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You Will Need :
- Any number of players - A card for each player with half of simile on it (see simile examples below)

Preparation :
- Write half of a simile on each card.

How To Play :

Pass the cards to the players. Once holding a card, they take off to find their "simile partner", in other words the person who's holding the card with the second part of that simile.

Who Wins :

You can set a time for this game or award a small prize to the first pair to put their simile together.

Simile Examples :
- Blind as a bat - Cold as ice - Flat as a pancake - Bright as a penny - Green as grass - Straight as an arrow - Busy as a bee - Dark as night

The Fame Game

In this fun 40th birthday party game the players need to guess the name of a celebrity other player is describing.

Party Guest

You Will Need :
- Any even number of players - A bowl - Pencils and paper for all

How To Play :

The players write the names of 10 famous people or characters on pieces of paper. After that, the pieces get folded and put in the bowl. The players then divide into two teams.

Alternating between two teams, each player takes a piece of paper with the name out of the bowl and describes the person without naming them. The other team has to guess the identity.

When all the papers have been used, they are re-folded and placed back in the bowl.

In round two, the same process is repeated, but this time, players can only use three words to describe the famous person.

For the third round, players are only allowed one word of description and in the fourth and final round, the names have to be acted with no words permitted.

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